Common Jacksonville, Florida Adoption FAQs, and Answers From an Experienced Family Law Lawyer!

Adoption is a legal process that allows someone who is not the biological parent of a child to assume legal responsibility for the child permanently. This can only occur once the biological birth parents give up all of their legal parental rights to the child. Adoption is part of family law, and a Jacksonville, Florida lawyer should always be consulted.


Top 3 FAQs When it Comes to Jacksonville, Florida Adoptions

Is Adoption Expensive?

That depends on a number of different factors. Adopting a child from the foster care system costs very little, and there are programs that can cover any expenses involved in these situations. Private adoptions can cost tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. An experienced lawyer who understands family law can help you determine the exact cost of this process.

What Types of Adoptions are Legal in Florida?

  • Private agency
  • Public agency
  • Independent
  • Open
  • Identified
  • International
  • Stepparent
  • Same-sex
  • Kinship
  • Adult

Do I Need A Jacksonville, Florida Family Law Lawyer to Adopt?

Adoption is a legal process, with documentation, deadlines, and other specific requirements that must be met. You do not have to hire an attorney with certain types of adoption but even in these cases, you should seek legal advice. There is a lot at stake and even a minor error could have enormous consequences for everyone involved.

Special Considerations to Think About With Adoption

If you are thinking about adoption in Jacksonville, Florida there are some special considerations that you need to think about. These include:

  • Age– Babies may be harder to come by, especially in the foster care system, while older children may still be waiting for a permanent home.
  • Cost– While private agencies may charge $30,000 or more adopting a child in the foster care system can cost little or nothing because there are state and federal programs and tax credits which help offset any costs. Usually, any required training is offered at no charge, and any expenses and fees are often reimbursed.
  • The number of children desired– Sometimes siblings are removed, and if you are willing to adopt more than one child you could keep siblings together and have an instant family.
  • Any special needs– There are many special needs children available for adoption who need a loving home. This type of adoption may also qualify for additional benefits and compensation from the state due to the status of the child being adopted.

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