Spousal Support & Alimony

Will I Have to Pay Spousal Support if I Get a Jacksonville, Florida Divorce?

Spousal support, commonly called alimony, is a court order which directs one party to pay a specific amount to the other spouse on a regular schedule for a specified time, or until certain conditions set out by the court are met. These payments are intended to provide for the spouse and used to support them after the Jacksonville, Florida, divorce.

Spousal support is entirely separate from the marital property division, and the judge determines it according to all of the relevant factors in the case. You need a divorce lawyer who understands this area of family law, and who will aggressively fight for your rights.

Spousal Support & Alimony

Why is Alimony Ordered in a Divorce?

The purpose of spousal support is to provide an income supplement for support to a spouse who is a non-earner or a low-income earner. In many divorces, one spouse stayed home to take care of the family, allowing the other spouse to focus on advancing their career. As a result, the homemaker gave up career opportunities so their spouse could advance.

Spousal Support Has Changed Over the Years

  • In Jacksonville, Florida, the gender of either spouse is no longer allowed to be considered when determining whether alimony is paid.
  • Alimony may be ordered in same-sex divorce under Florida law.
  • During the 1960s, 25%, or one in 4, divorces included support for the spouse. Today around 10% of divorces include this type of support.

Factors Used to Determine Whether Alimony is Ordered

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Any income disparity between spouses
  • Any child support ordered in the case
  • The financial contributions provided by each spouse during the marriage
  • Any non-economic contributions each spouse contributed during the marriage
  • The standard of living, both before and after the divorce
  • A realistic employability assessment for each spouse

In Jacksonville, Florida, and other family law courts across the state and country, the court has considerable leeway in determining spousal support during a divorce. You need a divorce lawyer who will fight for your rights, one who knows the ins and outs of family law and alimony, so you get the outcome you deserve.

The Sacks and Sacks Family Law Firm will work hard on your behalf, ensuring that you are treated fairly during your divorce, and your rights are protected. Call us today at (904) 396-5557 for a free consultation.


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