Military Divorce

Military Divorce in Jacksonville, Florida: What you Need to Know

If you are a service member in the US military or the spouse of a service member who is considering a divorce, there are many special considerations that need to be taken into account. There are specific laws and requirements that must be met, and you need an experienced military divorce lawyer to make sure that your rights and interests are being looked out for during the process.

Military Divorce Jacksonville, FL

What Makes a Military Divorce Different?

When one party is an active service member, then the rules and requirements for divorce are different in some ways. Some certain rights and benefits need to be evaluated and considered. Service members are always moving and being deployed or re-deployed. This can cause uncertainty about how the divorce process can proceed.

Some special considerations a military divorce lawyer needs to be aware of include:

  • Personal service and residency requirements
  • The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act- Under this act and at the discretion of the court a postponement may be issued for the entire active service duty period, and even up to 60 days after this period. This can be waived, as well as the service requirement if the active service member executes a document detailing their desire to waive these requirements.
  • Length of the marriage- The spouse of a service member may be entitled to certain additional benefits if the marriage lasted 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years while the service member was on active duty.
  • Any survivor benefit eligibility.
  • Special property division considerations a military divorce lawyer will understand.

You Need an Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer to Protect your Rights!

Divorce and family law, when one party is a military service member, can be complicated, with special considerations when any property division, spousal support, child support, and other benefits are involved.

Whether the service member is stationed at the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville MEPS, Mayport Naval Base, Macdill Air Force Base, or another military facility in Florida, you need a military divorce lawyer who understands the laws and benefits in this specialized legal area.

Divorce can be stressful enough when civilians are involved. When you add the extra stresses that active service member families experience, and all of the extra considerations that need to be evaluated, it is important to consult with a military divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida

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