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What is Family Law?

Family law is a legal specialty area, and it involves issues that relate to family relationships. A Jacksonville, Florida lawyer who practices in this area will represent people in family or probate court on matters that may include:

What Family Law Courts Can and Can’t Do.

Even when you have an experienced Jacksonville, Florida lawyer who specializes in family law there are some things the court CAN do, and some things the family court CAN NOT do. The court:


  • Award custody of minor children.
  • Set out a parenting plan and visitation schedule.
  • Order child support, and order enforcement methods such as wage withholding.
  • Divide property, debts, and assets when family relationships end or marriages are dissolved.
  • Enter a judgment of divorce.
  • Order contact restrictions, restraining orders, and personal protection orders, and use contempt powers to enforce these restrictions.

Can Not:

  • Grant any motion or request that the law does not allow or that is not supported by legal authority.
  • Make either spouse change their habits, attitudes, or combative nature.
  • Validate either party over past arguments and disagreements.

Family Law Attorney

When Should you Consult A  Jacksonville, Florida Family Law Lawyer?

Some situations where a Jacksonville, Florida lawyer who specializes in family law should be consulted include:

  • Adoption– This area of family law can be very complicated, and the process can change depending on factors that include the adoption type, the origin of the child, the state laws governing adoption that apply, and others.
  • Custody of Children– Custody of any children, and any related child support ordered, will be initially determined. This may also be revisited from time to time if the financial situation of either party changes significantly, if a change in visitation is desired, or if other issues arise where parties don’t agree
  • Paternity– A paternity case may be filed in family law court by a Jacksonville, Florida lawyer on behalf of the mother or the father. A paternity request may be filed by the mother in order to establish this fact for child support, or by the father in order to acknowledge their child and build a relationship with them. DNA testing is typically ordered by the court to establish paternity of the child involved.
  • Mediation– This family law resolution method is often faster, cheaper, less formal, confidential, and it offers a greater degree of control and flexibility for the parties involved.

The outcome in all of these family law situations depends on having someone on your side, a lawyer looking out for you. Call the experienced attorneys at the Sacks and Sacks Family Law Firm today at (904) 396-5557 for a free consultation. See what we can do for you!


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Whether it’s divorce, child support, child custody or alimony; the experienced family law attorneys at Sacks & Sacks can help you focus on the big picture. We are here to protect your rights, provide calm from the emotional turmoil, and let you know there is truly someone on your side…

Separation Agreement: There is no such thing as a legal “separation” in Florida. However, the parties can “Petition for Separate Maintenance” which allows the man and woman to live separately without being divorced.

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