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Bankruptcy costs and fees are regulated by the bankruptcy court judges, Florida Bar and the laws of the State of Florida. Your fee varies depending on your individual financial circumstances, location, schedule and family situation. Until recently, all fees were required to be paid in advance.

Under our new Fast File bankruptcy program, Sacks & Sacks charges just $249 for all bankruptcy services up to the “filing” of your bankruptcy. The balance of your attorney fee, based on the specifics of your case, is only due after filing and may be paid in monthly installments!

Please call (904) 396-5557 now, or use the email form, to learn how you can use this fast, new option. 

Duval County Courts charge a mandatory filing fee of $335 imposed by the courts on all filers. There is also a mandatory credit counseling certificate you obtain by completing an online class. The certificate fee is about $20 and we can assist you in finding an appropriate online class.

How can I pay my Chapter 7 attorney’s fee over time?

Bankruptcy judges usually require filers to pay their entire attorney fee prior to filing bankruptcy. This has caused delay and undue hardship on many consumers who need to file bankruptcy right away but do not have the entire attorney fee available. However, based upon a recent ruling by a Tampa bankruptcy judge, Sacks & Sacks Bankruptcy is now able to file your bankruptcy even before the entire bankruptcy attorney fee is paid.

How does the Fast File Bankruptcy option work?

Sacks & Sacks has divided the bankruptcy process into two parts: Pre-filing Bankruptcy Services and Post-Filing Bankruptcy Services. The debtor who wishes to pay the Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney fee in installments, including payments after the filing of the bankruptcy, will sign a “Pre-Filing” Contract for services rendered up to and including the filing of a Chapter 7. This contract will require the payment of a flat attorney’s fee in the amount of $249. As part of the flat pre-filing fee, we will prepare and file your bankruptcy In Duval. Other courts may require a slightly higher or lower fee.

Once the bankruptcy is filed, you sign a “Post-Filing” contract that allows you to pay the rest of the attorney’s fee in monthly installments of $250 each. By law, these payments must be paid by automatic deduction from your bank account on a monthly basis. Because you entered into this fee agreement after you filed bankruptcy, the post-filing attorney fee is not discharged, and we can legally accept the monthly payments. This unique two-contract procedure allows Sacks & Sacks to make bankruptcy affordable and fast. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Do I have to qualify for the installment option?

Yes, you do, but it’s easy. You simply provide proof of employment or other regular monthly income like alimony, social security, etc. You must have a bank account. You must also authorize us to withdraw the monthly installment from that account. That’s it!

Do I have to select the installment option?

No, you can pay our entire attorney fee prior to filing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Do you offer an installment option for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, we do. The Bankruptcy Code allows a debtor to pay attorney fees after the Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed. So, we have very flexible options for the payment of Chapter 13 attorney fees.

Are there any other costs to be paid prior to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Mandatory: The Chapter 7 filing fee is $335.00 and is payable to the Courts. A credit counseling certificate is required to file. The total cost is approximately $20.00 for either individual or joint debtors. The counseling is done online, and you can complete it in the privacy of your home, or at our office.

Recommended: We recommend that you purchase a current, merged credit report at a cost of $33 per debtor. The credit report is electronically merged directly into our bankruptcy software, ensuring greater accuracy of account numbers and mailing addresses for your creditors. Also, if you forget to include a creditor, the cost of adding that creditor after we file the case is greater than the cost of the report.

Finally, you must provide your last three years of tax returns to the Chapter 7 Trustee who oversees your case. If you do not have copies of your tax returns for the last three tax years, we recommend that you pay the $33 fee to order a tax transcript directly from the IRS.

With the Sacks & Sacks Fast File, you can now get your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed for as little as $249 in attorney fees and $368 in costs, for a total of only $617!

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