Florida Divorce Rate Statistics

February 3, 2024by Adam Sacks

Florida Divorce Rate

With the rising number of divorces in the state of Florida, we are inspired to explore the latest data and insights on divorce in Florida, including reasons for divorce, demographic trends, and the impact of divorce on families. Whether you are seeking information for personal reasons or academic purposes, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the divorce landscape in Florida. Let’s delve into the statistics and explore the complexities of divorce in the Sunshine State.


1. Overall, the divorce rate in Florida is 13%, which is among the highest in the United States.

2. The divorce rate for men in Florida is typically lower at 10.7%, compared to women at 14.3%.

3. Financial problems are a leading cause of divorce, cited in 30% of couples in Florida.

4. According to researchers from Florida State University, it is estimated that 20-25% of married couples experience infidelity at some point.

5. Pinellas County in Florida has a divorce rate of 15.0%, which is the highest among counties in the state.

6. According to the data, the divorce rate for families with kids in Florida is between 30 to 40%, resulting in a significant number of single-parent families.

7. The American Indian population in Florida had the highest divorce rate 13.9%, despite being a smaller population.

8. Florida experienced an average of 177 divorces per day in 2020.

9. Florida holds the record for the highest divorce rate in the United States, with a yearly count of 81,000 divorces.

10. St. Petersburg city has the highest divorce rate among Florida cities at 15.3%, while Gainesville has the lowest at 8.7%.


1. The Divorce Rate in Florida is 13%, Which is Among the Highest in the United States.

The divorce rate in Florida is among the highest in the United States, with an overall rate of 13%. This rate has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In addition, it has the sixth-highest divorce rate in the country. [1]

The causes behind this high divorce rate are varied and complex. Factors such as economic struggles, changes in social norms, and a lack of access to adequate resources for couples going through a divorce all play a role in the high divorce rate.

Florida has a high divorce rate, which contributes to its ranking among the most-stressed states in the country. [2]


2. In Florida, the Divorce Rate for Men is Typically 11.7%, While for Women it is 14.3%.

Studies have shown that divorces are more common among women than men in Florida. The divorce rate for women is 14.3%, while the divorce rate for men is 11.7%.

In addition, couples who are married for longer periods tend to experience higher rates of divorce than those who are newlywed or have been married for shorter periods. [1]

In Florida, the divorce rate for men is typically 11.7%, while for women it is 14.3%.


3. Financial Problems Are Often Cited as One of the Most Common Reasons for Divorce by 30% of Couples in Florida.

Financial issues can be one of the leading causes of divorce in Florida, with 30% of couples citing it as a reason for their break-up. Financial problems can take many forms and range from minor to very serious issues. These can include things like overspending, income inequality between partners, debt and credit problems, and even infidelity involving spending.

When financial difficulties arise in marriages, they can lead to increased stress and tension that can eventually cause the couple to drift apart and ultimately decide to end their marriage. [3]


4. Researchers From Florida State University Have Estimated That Approximately 20-25% of Married Couples Experience Infidelity at Some Point.

A study conducted by researchers at Florida State University has revealed some concerning findings about the state’s divorce rate. It is estimated that 20 – 25% of all married couples in the state have experienced infidelity at some point during their marriage. This staggering statistic highlights the fact that marital instability is a growing problem in Florida.

During the summer, infidelity tends to increase, possibly due to the rise in travel to the state which provides opportunities for covert activity.

The research also indicates that, on average, one out of every three marriages in Florida ends in divorce. [4]


5. The Divorce Rate in Pinellas County, Florida, Stands at 15.0%, Making it the County With the Highest Divorce Rate in the State.

Pinellas County in Florida has the highest divorce rate in the state, with an estimated 15.0% of all residents having gone through a divorce. The county has approximately 958 thousand residents and is located on the western coast of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, the divorce rate for men in this county is 12.8%, while for women it is 17.1%.

Various factors can contribute to the occurrence of divorces in Pinellas County. Several theories propose a potential link between ethnic composition and divorce rates, as certain ethnic groups tend to have higher divorce rates than others. Pinellas County has a demographic makeup of 80% Caucasian and 10% African American, with relatively higher divorce rates among other racial groups. [5]

The divorce rate in Pinellas County, Florida, stands at 15.0%, making it the county with the highest divorce rate in the state.


6. Based on the Data, the Divorce Rate for Families With Children in Florida Ranges From 30 to 40%, Leading to a Notable Increase in Single-Parent Households.

The data on divorce rate statistics in Florida paints a grim picture. It’s estimated that between 30 to 40% of families with children will end up getting divorced. This is a significantly higher percentage than the national average, which is around 25%.

Based on data from the 5-year estimates tables of the American Community Survey, in 2021, 14.5% of divorced men and 32.7% of women had minor children living in their household. [6]


7. Based on Ethnicity Data, the American Indian Population in Florida Had a Divorce Rate of 13.9%, Even Though They Have a Smaller Population.

According to statistics from the United States Census Bureau, divorce rates in Florida vary significantly depending on the ethnicity of the population. While the overall rate of divorces is 13%, the American Indian population in Florida has a much higher rate.

In 2017, over 185,000 American Indians lived in Florida, which makes up less than 1% of the state’s total population. Despite this, they had the highest divorce rate of any group in Florida at 13.9%. [1]


8. In 2020, Florida Had an Average of 177 Divorces per Day.

In 2020, the state of Florida saw an average of 177 divorces per day. This was a significant increase from the 2019 annual rate of 3.4 divorces per thousand people, which was the lowest in over 40 years. The rise in the divorce rate may be related to increased pressure on marriages due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty. [7]

The financial burden that comes with a divorce can be overwhelming, leaving many families struggling to make ends meet. This is especially true for single-parent households, which make up 13% of all Florida households and are more likely to live in poverty than two-parent households.

Research suggests that children of divorced parents often experience issues such as depression, educational failure, and behavior problems.

In 2020, Florida had an average of 177 divorces per day.


9. Florida Has the Country’s Highest Number of Recorded Divorces, With an Annual Total of 81,000 Divorces.

The state of Florida has the highest number of recorded divorces in the United States, with an annual total of 81,000 divorces. This startling statistic puts the Sunshine State at the top of the list for divorce rates in America.

According to data from the American Community Survey, released by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2019, out of all fifty states and the District of Columbia, Florida ranked first in the number of divorces filed for that year. Each divorce costs Florida taxpayers roughly $31,000. [8]


10. Saint Petersburg Has a Divorce Rate of 15.3%, the Highest Among Florida Cities, While Gainesville Has the Lowest Rate at 8.7%.

St. Petersburg’s high divorce rate of 15.3% can likely be attributed to its large population and influx of tourists throughout the year, as the city has become known for its vibrant nightlife and party atmosphere. On the other hand, Gainesville is a college town and may experience lower divorce rates due to its younger unmarried population. [9]


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