Does Joint Custody of the Child Mean No Child Support?

About 21.9 million children had a parent who lived outside their household in 2018, representing more than one-fourth of all children under 21 years of age. [1]   What Does Joint Custody Mean? Joint custody refers to the legal arrangement where both parents share physical and/or legal custody of their child. Physical custody involves determining...

Can You Lose Visitation Rights For Not Paying Child Support?

Child Support Payments and Visitation Rights Child support payments and visitation rights are two critical components of family law that often come into play following the dissolution of a marriage or the separation of parents. The intersection of child support payments and visitation rights often leads to complexities and disputes, necessitating clear legal guidelines and...

Is Child Support Taxable in Jacksonville?

Child Support in Jacksonville When a Jacksonville couple decides to part, if they have children they are required to create a child support arrangement as part of the divorce proceedings. This includes determining the financial responsibility of each parent based on their income, the needs of the children, and other relevant factors. Child support is...

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